About Us

What started as a small idea for making gourmet egg rolls, has now turned into a budding business called Roll With It. It all started about five months ago when two founders, Michael Grimley and Jessica Bacher, were thinking about untraditional food, and thought of a crazy idea to make egg rolls with a twist.

The idea was brought up to co-founders Amy and John Grimley, and soon the untraditional egg rolls were being tested and created. What started out as an experiment quickly turned into a concrete plan to open a booth at the HarborMarket in downtown Kenosha. Every Saturday we are at the Kenosha HarborMarket.

We work vigorously every week to produce the best and most unique egg rolls for our customers, and hope that you will stop by and try one of our delicious egg rolls for yourself.

Meet the Team

Michael Grimley


Michael is the Director and Founder and has his hand in every part of the process of Roll With It.


Jessica Bacher


Jessica is the Director of Social Media for Roll With It. Find us on Facebook!


Amy Grimley


Amy is the lead Chef and hand crafts all of our recipes to perfection.


John Grimley


John is the master of all trades and helps with the design aspect of Roll With It.